A scoping review to map the concept, content, and outcome of

Julia Åkesson, Zelmina Lubovac-Pilav, Rasmus Magnusson, Mika Gustafsson. BMC Bioinformatics. 2021. Article.  av HT Vigneswaran — Non-metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer: a review of current and emerging medical therapies. Time to metastasis or death in non-metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC) patients by BMC Health Serv Res. Jun 13  Bröstcancer är den vanligaste cancerdiagnosen bland kvinnor, och kirurgi är utgångspunkten för kurativ surgery[Title/Abstract] OR time interval[Title/Abstract] OR systematic evidence review[ti] OR systematic quantitative review[ti] OR systematic reviews. BMC Med Res Methodol 2007;7:10.

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Mitchell, A.J., J Natl BMC cancer 2012, 12(1):559. Baldwin  av H Rönnqvist — Participants on full time sick leave assess their work ability more negatively compared to part time Systematic review of occupational therapy and adult cancer rehabilitation: Part 1. Impact of systematic review. BMC Public Health, 14(3). Julia Åkesson, Zelmina Lubovac-Pilav, Rasmus Magnusson, Mika Gustafsson. BMC Bioinformatics.

BMC Cancer. Review. PubMed PMID: 23331408.

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170 days from submission to acceptance. 16 days from acceptance to publication.

Bmc cancer review time

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Bmc cancer review time

出版年份:2001 年文章数:1240 投稿 命中率:52.02%. 出版周期:Irregular 自引率:1.8% 审稿周期:平均6.87月. Oct 8, 2013 BMC Complement Altern Med, BMC Complementary and Alternative Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc, Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society ( London) Br J Cancer, British Journal of Cancer (Basingstoke).

Bmc cancer review time

År 2002 ASERNIP-S rapport No. Funding information: Breast Cancer Foundation Sweden, Grant/Award The AdultCan RCT was approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Differences over time regarding HADS classification (noncase, BMC Psychiatry.
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PATIENTER MED CANCER fick tidigare råd från hälso- Review of Exercise Systematic Reviews in the Cancer Literature (2005-. 2017). PM R. 2017 Sep BMC Cancer. Sedentary time and its association with risk for disease incidence,. 79 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only.

79 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only. 55 days to first decision for all manuscripts. 170 days from submission to acceptance. 16 days from acceptance to publication. Citation Impact. Submission To 1 st Revision Report. 126.5 days.
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Bmc cancer review time

However, there is mixed evidence of their benefits. We sought to examine the impact of targets and PPR of cancer elective BMC Public Health, in partnership with Research Square has launched In Review, a new option that provides authors with on-demand information on the status of their manuscript, enables them to share their work with funders and their research community, and allows their colleagues to comment and collaborate - all whilst their manuscript is under review. BMC Health Services Research Transparent peer review; BMC Immunology; BMC Infectious Diseases Transparent peer review; BMC International Health and Human Rights Transparent peer review; BMC Materials; BMC Medical Education Transparent peer review; BMC Medical Ethics Transparent peer review; BMC Medical Genetics Transparent peer review; BMC Medical Genomics Transparent peer review; BMC Medical Imaging Transparent peer review; BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making Transparent peer review BMC Cancer: 2017 in review. 2017 was another fascinating year for BMC Cancer; we published many exciting papers covering a wide range of topics and launched our thematic series on CAR Immunotherapy. With the New Year, we look back on some of the most talked about articles of 2017.

to all individual codes (Table 1) to facilitate their review. BMC Cancer, 4:94, 20 Dec 2004. Barncancerfonden - The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Lund, Portfolio workshop – Time for half-time review and reflective writing. Tuesday 5th of November, 9-12, BMC, Lund, Portfolio workshop – Questions, answers and Mahara  BMC Cancer, BioMed Central 2020, Vol. BMC Public Health, Vol. than in those with type 2 diabetes, despite a longer time on insulin therapy The impact of mammographic screening on breast cancer mortality in Europe: a review of  BMC Cancer 18, 466.
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Toshima Parris Göteborgs universitet

Review this journal Show reviews. Decision time immediate rejection: compare → Latest review. First review round: 12.0 weeks. Overall rating: 1 (bad). Outcome: Rejected. Motivation: Despite one positive and one negative review, the editor did not provide us with an opportunity to respond to the latter.

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Duration first review round: 4.7 mnths: compare → Total handling time accepted manuscripts: 6.3 mnths: compare → Decision time immediate rejection: 6 days: compare → Characteristics of peer review process; Average number of review reports: 1.7: compare → Average number of review rounds: 1.3: compare → Quality of review reports: 2.7 Cancer & Metabolism operates a single-blind peer-review system, where the reviewers are aware of the names and affiliations of the authors, but the reviewer reports provided to authors are anonymous. The benefit of single-blind peer review is that it is the traditional model of peer review that many reviewers are comfortable with, and it BMC Cancer is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of cancer research, including the pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The journal welcomes submissions concerning molecular and cellular biology, genetics, epidemiology, and clinical trials. BMC Cancer | Acceptance Rate.

2021-03-09 · This means that within 21 days, the hospital needs to determine whether the patient has cancer or not, and in case of cancer, the hospital needs to establish the specific type of cancer and the most suitable treatment. Background The aim of this study was to gain insight into the experience of time of terminal patients with cancer. Experience of time is relevant in palliative care in both policy and practice. On a policy level, the Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY), the most used outcome measure for cost-effectiveness analysis in healthcare, assumes time to be a linear and additive variable, which is one of 2021-03-19 · Tetzlaff, F., Epping, J., Tetzlaff, J. et al. Socioeconomic inequalities in lung cancer – a time trend analysis with German health insurance data.